Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QAC)

-Direct Binary Complex Method (Method 8337)


The reagents buffer the sample to an acidic pH and include a masking agent to remove potential interferences. The indicator reacts with quaternary ammonium compounds in the sample and forms a pale pink to vivid purple color. This test is applicable to monitor quaternary ammonium compounds in swimming pools and cooling towers. The measurement wavelength is 575 nm.

 -Hach Company/Hach Lange GmbH 03/2014, Edition 8

Method Data

Method 8337
Hold Time28 days
PreservationTo preserve samples for later analysis, adjust the sample pH to less than 2 with concentrated sulfuric acid (approximately 2 mL per liter). No acid addition is necessary if the sample is tested immediately. Keep the preserved samples at or below 6 °C.
Sample Volume250 mL glass container
Collection MethodCollect samples in glass bottles that have been rinsed several times with sample. Do not use plastic containers, which can adsorb quaternary ammonium compounds.
Method RefernceHACH Method 8337

Analyte List

AnalyteFormulaCAS Number
Quaternary Ammonium Compounds

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