-Determination of Turbidity by Nephelometry (EPA 180.1)


This method is applicable to drinking, surface, and saline waters in the range of turbidity from 0 to 40 nephelometric turbidity units (NTU). Higher values may be obtained with dilution of the sample.

The method is based upon a comparison of the intensity of light scattered by the sample under defined conditions with the intensity of light scattered by a standard reference suspension. The higher the intensity of scattered light, the higher the turbidity. Readings, in NTU’s, are made in a nephelometer designed according to specifications outlined in the method. A standard suspension (i.e., formazin, AMCO-AEPA-1, or Hach Stablcal) is used to calibrate the instrument.

-Methods for the Determination of Inorganic Substances in Environmental Samples (EPA/600/R-93/100)


Method Data

Method 180.1
Hold Time48 hours
PreservationAnalysis should begin as soon as possible. Refrigeration or icing to 4oC, to minimize microbiological decomposition of solids, is recommended.
Sample Volume250mL HDPE bottle
InstrumentationTurbidity Meter
Method RefernceEPA 180.1

Analyte List

AnalyteFormulaCAS Number

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