Method 7471B

Mercury (Hg)


This method is a cold-vapor atomic absorption procedure for measuring the Mercury in soils, sediments, bottom deposits, and sludge-type materials.

This method uses cold-vapor atomic absorption and is based on the absorption of radiation at the 253.7-nm wavelength by mercury vapor. The mercury is reduced to the elemental state and aerated from solution in a closed system. The mercury vapor passes through a cell positioned in the light path of an atomic absorption spectrophotometer. Absorbance (peak height) is measured as a function of mercury concentration.

 –Method 7471B:Mercury in Solid or Semisolid Waste (Manual Cold-Vapor Technique),Revision 2.0, February 2005,

Method Data

Method 6020
Hold Time
Sample Volume
Collection Method
Method Reference

Analyte Test

Analyte Formula CAS Number
Mercury Hg 7439-97-6

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