Chain of Custody




Chain of Custody (CoC)

Required by law for every test we run for our clients. Includes the following information: sample identification, location, date and time of collection, collector’s name and signature, sample matrix type, analysis requested and any comments regarding the sample.

Chain of Custody Example

Chain of Custody with easy to follow highlighted sections for clients filling out: client and project information, sample and analysis information, and Turn Around Time (TAT).

Chain of Custody Instructions

Accurate and complete Chain of Custody (COC) records after sample collection are vital to ensure that sample data is legally defensible.  Each custody transfer must be documented & signed on the COC from sampler to the laboratory. Ink Only.

Storm Water Tips & Tricks

A short page of useful information to aid in the success of the testing requirements. 

Credit Application

Trade Reference Form.

Sample Acceptance Policy 

Regulatory agencies require all samples received at Specialty Analytical meet these following criteria. Download the PDF for full documentation.

Containers & Preservations

A list of sample container types, preservation and holding times for the various matrices Specialty Analytical tests. Specific requirements must be met in order to process a sample. Download the PDF for full documentation, and also review the “Sample Acceptance Policy” found above.

Laboratory Quality Assurance Plan

Specialty Analytical is committed to providing the highest quality services and customer service to our clients. The display of this commitment is the responsibility of each employee in the organization. The requirements of this Laboratory Quality Assurance Program apply to each member of the laboratory at every level. Download the PDF for full documentation.


Washington State Department of Ecology environmental laboratory accreditation program. These are the methods and corresponding analytes Specialty Analytical is accredited with.

Instrument List

A list of the scientific instruments used at Specialty Analytical. Feel free to call or email any questions about the equipment we use.

List of Acronyms Definitions

A list of common Acronyms Definition’s. Fee free to call or email any questions for more clarification.

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If you would like us to provide a quote for laboratory analysis, just provide us with information about how we can help you with your project.