Method 6020

Elements by Ion Coupled Plasma / Mass Spectrometry (ICP/MS)


Inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP/MS) is applicable to the determination of sub-ug/L concentrations of a large number of elements in water samples and in waste extracts or digests. When dissolved constituents are required, samples must be filtered and acid-preserved prior to analysis. No digestion is required prior to analysis for dissolved elements in water samples. Acid digestion prior to filtration and analysis is required for groundwater, aqueous samples, industrial wastes, soils, sludges, sediments, and other solid wastes for which total (acid-leachable) elements are required.

 -SW-846 Online: Test Methods for Evaluating Solid Waste, Physical/Chemical Methods

Method Data

Method 6020
Hold Time
Sample Volume
Collection Method
Method Reference

Analyte Test

Analyte Formula CAS Number
Aluminum Al 7429-90-5
Antimony Sb 7440-36-0
Arsenic As 7440-38-2
Barium Ba 7440-39-3
Beryllium Be 7440-41-7
Cadmium Cd 7440-43-9
Calcium Ca 7440-70-2
Chromium Cr 7440-47-3
Cobalt Co 7440-48-4
Copper Cu 7440-50-8
Iron Fe 7439-89-6
Lead Pb 7439-92-1
Magnesium Mg 7439-95-4
Manganese Mn 7439-96-5
Molybdenum Mo 7439-98-7
Nickel Ni 7440-02-0
Potassium K 7440-09-07
Selenium Se 7782-49-2
Silver Ag 7440-22-4
Sodium Na 7440-23-5
Thallium Tl 7440-28-0
Titanium Ti 7440-32-6
Vanadium V 7440-62-2
Zinc Zn 7440-66-6

* The typical analytes are displayed for this particular method. Please contact Specialty Analytical if other analytes are required in addition to the 6020 Analyte List.

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