Method SM 5550

Tannin & Lignin Method Data


Lignin is a plant constituent that often is discharged as a waste during the manufacture of paper pulp. Another plant constituent, tannin, may enter the water supply through the process of vegetable matter degradation or through the wastes of the tanning industry. Tannin also is applied in the so-called internal treatment of boiler waters, where it reduces scale formation by causing the production of a more easily handled sludge.

Both lignin and tannin contain aromatic hydroxyl groups that react with Folin phenol reagent (tungstophosphoric and molybdophosphoric acids) to form a blue color suitable for estimation of concentrations up to at least 9 mg/L. However, the reaction is not specific for lignin or tannin, nor for compounds containing aromatic hydroxyl groups, inasmuch as many other reducing materials, both organic and inorganic, respond similarly.

-Standard Methods Committee, 2010. 

Method Data

Method 5550
Hold Time
Sample Volume
Method Reference

Analyte Test

Analyte Formula CAS Number
Tannins 93615-37-3
Lignin 9005-53-2

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